YUI Library Examples: YUI Loader Utility (beta)

YUI Loader Utility (beta): Examples

The YUI Loader provides a client-side mechanism for loading YUI components and their dependencies. It can be used to add additional components to a page on which some YUI components already exist or to structure the loading of scripts and CSS files for an entire page.

  • Using YUI Loader to Load the Calendar Control: This example demonstrates a simple implementation in which we bring in the YUI Calendar Control — and its JavaScript and CSS dependencies — using the YUI Loader Utility.
  • Using YUI Loader to Place Additional Components on a Page: In some cases, you may wish to use YUI Loader to bring additional components into a page that already contains some YUI content. In this example, we'll look at how to use YUI Loader to augment a page's existing YUI content by bringing in additional dependencies for a new component.
  • Using addModule to Add Custom (Non-YUI) Content with YUILoader: YUILoader can be used to add YUI components to the page, but it can also be used to add other components that you create yourself (or that you pull from a third-party source). This example shows one simple way to pull in external content with YUILoader.

YUI Loader Utility (beta):

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