YUI Library Examples: Menu Family: Listening For Menu Events

Menu Family: Listening For Menu Events

This example demonstrates how to listen for DOM-related events. Interaction with the Menu will result in event information being output to the console. Please note: Disabled MenuItem instances do not fire DOM events. This is demonstrated with the MenuItem named "MenuItem 2."

Note: By default clicking outside of a menu will hide it. Additionally, menu items without a submenu or a URL to navigate will hide their parent menu when clicked. Click the "Show Menu" button below to make the menu visible if it is hidden.

Adding DOM-based event handlers to Menu and MenuItem instances.

All of the DOM events for Menu and MenuItem are implemented as instances of Custom Event (YAHOO.util.CustomEvent). Therefore, always listen for DOM-based events via the provided Custom Event-based interface rather than attaching handlers directly to a Menu's DOM elements.

Add event listeners through the event's subscribe method; For example:

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