YUI Library Examples: Menu Family: Grouped Menu Items With Titles From Markup

Menu Family: Grouped Menu Items With Titles From Markup

This example demonstrates how to title groups of MenuItem instances.

Note: By default clicking outside of a menu will hide it. Additionally, menu items without a submenu or a URL to navigate will hide their parent menu when clicked. Click the "Show Menu" button below to make the menu visible if it is hidden.

Creating a Menu from existing markup with items organized into groups with titles

The markup for a Menu control follows that of YAHOO.widget.Module, with its body element (<div class="bd"/>) containing a list element (<ul/>).

Each item in a Menu is represented by a list item element (<li class="yuimenuitem"/>), each of which has a label (<a class="yuimenuitemlabel"/>) that can contain plain text or HTML.

The body of Menu can house many <ul/> elements to organize related items into groups. Each group can have a title by preceeding its <ul/> with a <h6/> element.

To instantiate a Menu, pass the id of its corresponding HTML element (in this case "basicmenu") to the Menu constructor (YAHOO.widget.Menu). Once instantiated, it is necessary to call the render method. If you are creating a Menu from markup that exists in the page you call render with no arguments.

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