YUI Library Examples: Animation Utility: Animated Scrolling

Animation Utility: Animated Scrolling

This demonstrates how to use the YUI Animation to animate the scrolling of an HTMLElement. Click the button to begin the demo.

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Animated Scrolling

The YUI Animation Utility allows you to animate the motion of an HTMLElement along a curved path using control points.

The first thing we need to do is load the Animation source file and dependencies:

For this example, we will animate the position of a <div> element named demo. The scroll attribute, introduced in the YAHOO.util.Scroll subclass, accepts an optional control field of one or more control points

Add a little style so that we can see the animation in action:

Create the demo element and a button to run the animation:

Now we create an instance of YAHOO.util.Scroll, passing it the element we wish to animate, and the scroll attribute (an array of [left, top] scroll values), with the scroll amount we are animating:

This is an example of animating the scrolling of an HTMLElement.

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